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October 18 - November 12, 2016 / Redlands, CA
March 3 - April 3, 2017 / Highland Park, IL

Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream: Truth, Justice and the American Way

With Social Justice art and revving up for a tumultuous new presidential administration, eight female art activists examine social and political issues driving change in America and impacting life in America. The Art Center hosts this exhibition Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream: Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Truth, justice and the American way seem to be rapidly fading along with the notion of the American Dream. And American Exceptionalism is riddled with a lot of exceptions. The easy-on-the eyes mythology of America’s past injustices keep us in a troubling state of denial in the present unless we actively confront the barriers of racism, sexism, income inequality, and injustice that continue to impede full participation in the American Dream for many who feel disenfranchised. At the same time the American Exceptionalism continues to be sold to the public as we to see ourselves as the model for the world with American dreams to become global ones.

This exhibition featuring artists Sally Edelstein, Karen Gutfreund, Penny Mateer, Sinan Revell, Debra Thompson, Linda Vallejo and Margi Weir is particularly timely as we go into an election year. With polarized political parties and the absurdity of the news media focusing on sound bites with biased editorials rather than real news, this collection of art addressing issues of social justice stimulate dialog on truth, justice and the American Way. The work serves to educate and sensitize the viewer to various issues while conveying an underlying philosophy of collective responsibility and commitment to change.

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