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February 18, 2017
Embedded Messages, Debating The Dream: Truth, Justice and the American Way

The Huffington Post US Edition

Amy Pleasant  | Seattle visual artist and writer

ARTISTS UNITED! is a juried exhibition of contemporary fine art unlike any presented before in the United States. It challenges America's artist's to create political art that deconstructs the major controversies, fundamental policy issues and personality characteristics shaping the 2016 Presidential election campaign, providing America's voters with powerful visual images that will help bring clarity to one of the most divisive and bitterly contested elections in our Nation's history.

Debra Thompson_Bank Owned_Assemblage Enc

ARTISTS UNITED! opens four weeks before the November election, time enough to demonstrate the power of art to educate and inform the electorate and, quite possibly, influence the outcome of the 2016 election itself. Participating artists will have the opportunity to vote (or abstain) with their art, assigning it to the candidate (or None of the Above) they believe is most likely to address or resolve the issue they've selected---and is therefore, in their opinion, best qualified to be elected as our next President. Another section of the exhibition will be reserved for protest art, no-holds-barred original campaign-style posters created by participating artists for and against the two principal candidates.

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